Saturday, 1 February 2014

Day 32 - February 1 - Interlocking

Month two, here I come! I am so happy and relieved to find that I am thinking photographically again, and that it has come back to me in a relatively short time. I find myself immersed in photography again, and enjoying it. The first month of the project has flown by, and I am not finding it a chore, nor am I stuck for ideas. I am, in short, BACK.

I got these coloured pencils a few weeks ago for £1. Alyssa and Caroline are very indignant that I won't allow them to be used for colouring....they just don't understand how I need them to retain their lovely, sharp points. I hope that one day, they will. Alyssa got her very first camera bag today, to house "her" Fuji bridge camera. To say she's excited is an understatement; it was difficult to get her to remove the bag from over her shoulder today. I hope the weather warms up soon so that the two of us can head out on a walk with our cameras. She finds it just too cold at the moment.

Looking forward to February!

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