Sunday, 9 February 2014

Day 40 - February 9 - Work in Progress

I'm really enjoying learning to crochet. I've just about finished a blanket for the girls. All that is left to do is to crochet some flowers, hearts and stars with some sparkly purple yarn (Alyssa's request) to embellish it. Alyssa is sleeping with the blanket tonight. It makes me feel so nice to know that my girl is snuggled up in something I've made.

This box holds my hooks, scissors, odd bits of yarn, and whatever I'm working on at the time. Right now, it is full of squares of all sorts of colours. I'm using up scraps with the aim of eventually having enough of these squares to stitch into a blanket. A beautiful, patchowork-like, multicoloured bit of loveliness for us.

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