Saturday, 11 January 2014

Day 11 - January 11 - There's Nothing Like a Good Book

There's nothing like a good book. It's a phrase I remember my grandmother saying often, and I fully believe it. Books transport us to other worlds, other times, other lives. We can immerse ourselves in a book and forget our worries and cares for a time. I have loved reading ever since I can remember, Chris loves books, and we are instilling the same love in our two girls. Alyssa is learning to read now, and is so excited and proud when she reads us a new schoolbook. Literacy is the key to a whole other universe for her, and it is so thrilling to see as a parent. I am a convert to the digital age and the e-reader (I love my Kobo!) but there is something so special about opening a new book. The sound, the smell, the feel.....a sensory cornucopia. Heavenly, really. I will always have books on my shelves, treasures and beloved friends, for this reason.

There's nothing like a good book. This, to some, may LOOK nothing like a good book. I guess that's partly my goal here; to show the symmetrical beauty of the bound pages, the way they fan out when the tome is opened, its more abstract look.

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