Sunday, 5 January 2014

Day 5 - January 5 - My Favourite Flower

I finally got my hands on my favourite flower. I don't know if it's the Dutch blood in me, or just because they're so beautiful, but tulips have long been my flower of choice. If I was told that I could only have one type of flower to decorate our home for the rest of my life, I would choose tulips. The variety of colours, the petals, the shape, just everything about them is wonderful, I think. I treated myself to these beautiful roes-coloured ones, and Alyssa also chose some pale violet ones for me (after all, her favourite colour is purple, so it wasn't unexpected).

I had a VERY busy 2 year old who didn't want to go to sleep until she and I had consumed countless cups of "tea" from her "Tang teeeeeeee" (Rapunzel tea set, to the uninitiated in Caroline-speak) I am sleepy, and am faced with the prospect of returning to work after a two week break for the holidays, so perhaps this image doesn't entirely do this beautiful bloom justice. I am sure that tulips will feature in more shots over the coming few days, so there is time yet to improve :)

Although I love still life work and indoor shots, I'm itching to get some time (and some decent weather!) to get out for some landscapes - my first photographic love. Here's hoping that over the next couple of weeks I get the opportunity.

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