Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Day 28 - January 28 - Tang Teeeee for Two

Tea for two, and two for tea, tea for you, and tea for me..... and so the ditty goes (or something along those lines, anyhow). Unless you're Caroline. Then it's Tang teeeeeeeeee over, and over, and over again :) Tang, for the uninitiated, is Tangled. Tangled is one of Caroline's favourite movies. Caroline is fluent in one-syllable worlds at the present time. Teeeeeeeeeeee is, well, tea. Alyssa gave Caroline this Tangled tea set for Christmas, and Caroline is in heaven if someone (read: Chris or me) has tea with her ad infinitum when the feeling takes her. She will trot to the DVD, announce it is "Tang!" and then trot back to pour, stir, say cheers, then drink up. Repeat as required. Something that memories are made or. She is going to be delighted when she sees this image tomorrow.

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